So I joined Innovate...


Client: Innovate Learning-Living Community

Date: Dec, 2016

The Innovate Community at Virginia Tech asked Nightfire Productions to find a fun way to promote them with video.  Seeing how the target audience is mostly 16-25 year-olds we decided to create a video based on a text message conversation with Mom.  The creative was based on college students relating to talking to their mom and describing their "first days" of a new environment.  We wanted the audience to come with a sense that the students that join have fun while creating a bond with a group of people.  Humor was essential to this video as well.  

The video was just as fun to make as it is to view!

The filming was driven by events happening with the Innovate group that spanned over 4 months.  Featured in the video are:

1. Move-in

2. Innovate Olympics

3. Red Bull Challenge

4. APEX CIE Social 

5. Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIR)

6. Open House


Sony A7sii in SLOG 2


Adobe Premiere Pro 

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